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Among the physiotherapeutic methods of influence, there are good essay reviews from electrical stimulation of the intestines, acupuncture, and laser therapy. If there is no effect, stimulant laxatives are prescribed. Previously, there was an opinion that long-term use of these drugs could lead to tumor processes in the intestines and damage to the intramural nervous system. Currently, according to controlled studies and literature analysis, there is evidence that even long-term use of laxatives, including those with a stimulating effect, does not lead to the development of colorectal cancer.

It should be noted that long-term use of laxative drugs leads to atony of the colon, megadolichosigma and megacolon, therefore, in severe cases, the issue of surgical treatment is decided. If intestinal dysbiosis is diagnosed, eubiotics are additionally included in the regimen; motility is normalized by essay prokinetics (Trimebutin, Cisapride). On the recommendation of a neurologist, antidepressants, sleeping pills and sedatives can be added to the treatment regimen.

Hospitalization can be planned (for examination and possible surgery if indicated) or emergency (in case of complications).

One of the modern ways to improve the condition of dolichocolon is considered to be sacral neuromodulation. The action is determined by the constant transmission of low-frequency electrical impulses by a subcutaneously implanted stimulator to the sacral nerves using an electrode.

The following aspects can lead to lengthening of the intestines in a child.

Undesirable consequences of surgery for dolichocolon. 10% recurrence of constipation, intestinal dysfunction. To write essay bacterial complications in the postoperative period, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, under the guise of antifungal agents. Introduction of complementary foods, incorrect choice of formula, refusal of breastfeeding - these reasons are also important for a child in the first year of life. Between the ages of 3 and 6 years, gastrointestinal problems become more obvious.

Symptoms of dolichocolon in a child.

An increase in body temperature is less common. Treatment of dolichocolon in children. The treatment regimen depends on the stage. If constipation occurs rarely, general health suffers slightly, i.e. the disease is compensated, a diet is indicated and, if necessary, drugs with a mild laxative effect, enemas with herbal decoctions.

In the subcompensation stage, the severity of the disease increases, great difficulties with bowel movements, severe pain, lack of effect from laxatives, initial signs of intoxication, in this case the establishment of proper nutrition, siphon enemas, prokinetics, antispasmodics, painkillers, eubiotics, vitamins (B6 , B12, C, E, D, RR). The decompensation stage is a severe manifestation of the disease and requires hospital treatment. There is stool once a week or less, constant abdominal pain, asymmetry, bloating. Increasing symptoms of intoxication. nausea, vomiting. Changes are recorded in clinical and laboratory parameters. anemia, leukocytosis.